Near a picnic table four girls slept on the beach. Humps of hips and elbows slashed across faces blocking out the late afternoon sun. They were Zebra-striped with their bands of colors from their bathing suits.

A couple blocks away a squabbling couple exited a squat bungalow. They bustled into a maroon minivan.

“Victor!” Kay was sobbing, “I can't take it!”

“Please calm down.” Victor said, buckling himself in with the seatbelt, sitting as close to the door as possible. “You shouldn't drive when you're upset. Let me drive?”

“I'm always upset!” Kay said, and shoved a pair of sunglasses onto her swollen tear-stained face. She rolled down her window, took exaggerated gasps of air.

The maroon van bounced and the shocks screeched before vanishing around a corner.

The sun was transmuting to the fattened glows of a sunset. A cell phone blared from a bag beside one of the slumbering girls, the shrill sound infiltrating her dreams. In seismic waves the girls shook awake, shuddering and stretching, still laying on the sandy ground and pulling their arms straight and tight over their heads.

“Victor! Are you listening?” Kay was driving fast. “How many times do I have to tell you? I need affection. I need romance. I need you to take me dancing.”

“That's nice,” said Victor, distractedly, the edges of his mouth turned down. He was resignedly staring straight out in front. His wife's barrage was muted to

fuzz inside his head.

Discordant as unfurling petals the girls sat up, they were blinking and yawning. One of the girls wore no top. She

was wearing nothing but a white bikini bottom. Suddenly dominating the scenery were her firm high breasts, grapefruit-sized gravity-defying conicals with small brown nipples. She stood up and flung out her arms, her hands in fists. Then lifting them in wide arcs and making points of her fingertips. She shook out her tangled blonde hair and the rubbery breasts moved. She arched her back. She knew she was awesome, and she was enjoying every moment of it.

“You never listen to me!” Kay exploded, and steered the minivan into the parking lot up to the picnic table where they liked to sit. Victor had a perfect clear view of the magnificent breasts on the young woman now slowly lowering her arms, all of her moving just enough so that the breasts wobbled.

“Wow!” said Victor, before he could stop himself.

Kay's attention was engrossed with stepping on the brakes and sliding the gears into park but the tone of her husband's voice caught her in the solar plexus.

“What…?” Kay said, and plucked off her sunglasses, glanced quickly at him. Following his cemented gaze she turned her head and examined the scene of the four girls standing just beyond the picnic table. Gradually the details of the half naked girl registered and Kay began to frown.

For the first time in a long time Victor smiled.