Bowl of Cash
By Heather Buchanan

The 7th annual Authors Night to benefit East Hampton Library gathered enough literary talent under the big top tent to entertain, educate, and enlighten us for years to come….
…I caught up with Christina Oxenberg – attracted not only by her book’s title Do These Gloves Make My Ass Look Fat, but for the chocolate kisses she offered.  “You have to get people to dawdle,” she explained of her strategy to stand out in the crowd of 170 authors signing books, “Next year I’m going to put out a bowl of cash.”  Oxenberg says of her newest work, “It’s a comment on female neuroses because I’m an expert.”  Well a charming and witty expert then.

2 thoughts on “Bowl of Cash

  1. I really meant to say: “neurotic chocolate kisses!” and somehow, it all came out wrong!

  2. When I fused Christina’s chocolate kisses with her female neurosis in “Do these Gloves Make My Ass Look Fat,” I ended up with something I could really relate to: “female neurotic kisses!”

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