On The Loose

Last Sunday when I left Montauk my plan was simple; I was going to Key West. I didn't know where I'd be staying, or how long, or any pertinent details, and that was fine by me. All I knew was my destination was a distance of 1,500 miles and would require 24 hours on the road. But I couldn't fully e
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The End

I limped out here back to the breathable shore and I'm further east than I have ever stayed before. I thought I would pass a fortnight in Manhattan and then continue my journey to Key West. Except I got crumpled from the city sojourn and instead of south I drove as far east as is possible and took a room in Monta
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A couple of years ago I stayed in this motel in the village of Southampton and here I am again. I recognize the receptionist which is a trifle shocking since in the interim I feel I have lived several life spans. I will spend one night here and hit the highway in the morrow for a spate in Manhattan in the guest r
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Whirl Girl

I stormed into the bank, on a mission. I am moving and I have very little time to squander. With me I had my tiny green paper envelope which contained the special key for the lock box. I accosted the first bank  employee I came across. A female, young, unfriendly. She was useless. Couldn't get anything to work
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Some time ago in a faraway place there lived a long-forgotten cabaret singer named Fay. Once famous for her vibrato and her beauty Fay dwelled in increasing obscurity. According to legend the interior of her home was said to have every inch of wall hung with framed photographs of herself, in her prime. Many of the pictu
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Outta Control

There once lived a curmudgeonly troll. The troll was not entirely bad tempered, for example, he responded well to direct sunshine, to the scent of honeysuckle on a warm breeze, or brewing coffee or frying bacon. But this troll was easily irritated and with a stripe of malevolence he could be a bit lethal. Mostly
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Taxi by Christina Oxenberg

“Taxi” is Oxenberg’s first book published in 1986, a collection of anecdotes of funny things that happen to people in the back seats of New York City taxicabs. Light-hearted and humorous, stories were gathered from the likes of Andy Warhol, Diana Vreeland, Keith Harring, Taki and G
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“Do These Gloves Make My Ass Look Fat?” by Christina Oxenberg

"I won't sue me."