“Now I’ve got you,” Darren told his wife as they left the church. He felt a huge relief that the wedding was behind them. It was a breezy summer day in the desert. The young couple, both dressed in white, were walking out of the cool adobe building with a cross on its domed roof. They had invited no
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Near a picnic table four girls slept on the beach. Humps of hips and elbows slashed across faces blocking out the late afternoon sun. They were Zebra-striped with their bands of colors from their bathing suits. A couple blocks away a squabbling couple exited a squat bungalow. They bustled into a maroon minivan. “
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Key West, Saturday, Midnight. The main street was predictably clogged with revelers. My attention was splintered by the multitude of merry distractions and I almost tripped over a month old chicken. It darted from the sidewalk to the gutter, frenzied, squeaking and lost. Its feathers were tones of grey and muddy browns.
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Stepping In

I wandered back toward the new digs. Down along the main street spilling with people visiting the many bars, sucked in by the sounds of music. In a bar played a band, a father and his two sons, him on electric guitar, the older boy with a sleepy eye strumming a silver tape-patched banjo, and the other, lupine, dom
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Iguana Boogie

From the porch of my new home in a rickety chair I look upon an enchanted view. A garden of rubbery plants and palm trees swaying in a flower scented breeze. The swimming pool is surrounded with white marble, and behind it a path of coral leads to a short wall, the beach and the ocean. Slim speedy geckos zip aro
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Zdravo Marko

For ages now I have wanted to learn Serbian. Strike that, I have wanted to speak Serbian. The 'learning' part has been the obstacle. I intend to visit the country but first I want to learn the lingo. I had hoped something easy would present itself, perhaps I might meet a Serb who could teach me. But ins
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ACCORDING TO THE TUTORIAL  I downloaded, here’s how to learn a foreign language: a) Learn how to say “hi”and “goodbye” b) Learn how to say “what?” c) Don’t be afraid of looking ridiculous zp8497586rqRead More

On The Loose Part III

'Twas my second day on the loose and when I crossed from Georgia into Florida my old pal Beaux telephoned. He too was in Florida. It was so unlikely cialis online without no prescription that we would both be in the same place at the same time we felt obliged to take advantage. Mid afternoon I parke
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On The Loose, Part II

I huffed, inching in traffic as Delaware melded into Maryland -so much for my great escape. This was not the hair-in-the-wind speedy get-away I had envisaged. 5 hours in the car so far, under a searing sun, with 20 hours to go. I rolled down my window, stuck my head out and yelled, “What kind of dru
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